[TOP 8] Best Tech Website in 2021 | You Must Know !

If You Love To Read Tech News, Then You Must Know These TOP 8 Best Tech Website in 2021

[TOP 8] Best Tech Website in 2021 | You Must Know | Bestsitedekho.com

Hi everyone,

There are lots of websites available on the internet but not all the tech website is not good. In today's article, I will tell you the best websites related to technology which help you to updated and these websites are totally free of cost.

By the end of this blog, I will make sure you are gonna be love Tech News. So please do read this article at the end. 

As you know guys that our world is changing day by day and it getting faster so much as we can't even imagine that's which mobiles phones, headphones, laptops, speakers, tablets, wearable tech, smart home devices, digital cameras, cars, wireless routes, storage and many more. So these are all types of accessories that are making our lives easier.

 If you guys are not a part of the technology. So I think you are not part of this World.  So I'm here to tell you that be some techie, get some techie new that which types of technology are coming which can make your life easier. 

So Here Are Some [TOP 5] Best Tech Websites in 2021

1.The Verge

The Verge is an ambitious multimedia tech website that inspects how technology will change life in the future.

The user interface of this website is amazing and this website is one of the most famous websites and receiving traffic of 50million per month which is amazing. This website will provide you information related to all the categories like Tech, Apps, gaming, Reviews of gadgets, science, entertainment, podcast, and so on.

the verge gives you the latest update of the new things which come in the market and all the information is 100% unique and trusted.

The verge has a YouTube channel also where it uploads all the major tech-related content.

if you really want to update yourself on the latest things so you follow this website and his YouTube channel. Go to Verge

2. Digital Trends

Digital trends were founded in 2006 with the aim to offer the best information about the newest technology. this website also acquires a good amount of traffic which is around a 25million every month. if we talk about some features of this website so they are covering topics like best things to buy, product reviews, latest deals and offers, tech news, gaming reviews, entertainment, home gadgets, and so on. you will get all the latest and upcoming gadgets information on site. I have read lots of articles on the site I liked so much. and it has a youtube channel also so you can watch videos also. 

Go to digital trend


CNET is also one of the best websites. This site launched on 5 March 1994 and created by Shelby Bonnie. This website receiving traffic of approx. 70 million.

You will get all the information related best things to buy, reviews of all the latest gadgets, all techy news, car reviews, finance, health, and so on. CNET uploads all information in both video and text content.

Cnet works 24 hours for their customers and helps the world to better technical understanding. you must visit this website once because they cover all the things in a very deep manner. so that you don't have any confusion about any product or gadget.

Go to CNET

4.91 Mobiles 

91mobiles were launched in 2012 and this is the largest gadget discovery website in India and majorly focus on smartphones. This website getting traffic approx. 30 million. It ranks in the top 200 websites in India. This website has 70 people and its headquarter is located in Gurugram and Chennai. Because it provides the information related to mobiles and tablets, laptops, top 10 gadgets, comparison, upcoming mobiles, best buy, tech news & reviews, and much more.

The best thing about this website is its comparison feature where any buyer can select their preferences and this website automatically will suggest the best mobile for you.

91mobile gives you a detailed and expert review from the technical team. This website helps their customer to buy the best gadget under their budget.

Go to 91mobile

5. Digit 

Digit also a similar kind of website to others. This website will also provide you latest tech news, latest mobiles, Features, compare Reviews, Gaming, and many more things. Digit community always tries to provide the best tech knowledge.

 This website receiving 10million traffic every month. Digit is trying to enhance and enrich your life by providing you information, and advising their customer why to buy under their budget. you can read digit magazines too. 

Go to digit

6. Gadgets Now

Gadgets now is a famous tech website. This website covers everything related to technology news, trends, reviews, views, launches, and many more. Gadget now also provides related information about upcoming smartphones, cameras, TVs, speakers, laptops, smartwatches, laptops, offers & deals, and many others things. And you can compare all the gadgets according to your preference and budget. Gadgets now always provide you the latest tech news. you can read anything that is happing in this world related to technology.

Go to GadgetNow

7. Mashable 

Mashable is an international website and founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore. This website is just a little bit different from the other website because it covers a very wide variety of content which includes tech, entertainment, science, apps & software, culture, news content, and so on. Go to mashable

8. Gizmodo 

Gizmodo is also a unique looking & amazing website that is receiving traffic of 20million which is great. This website gives you the latest information related to:
  • news
  • opinion about gadget reviews (mobile, laptop, tablet, pc, etc.)
  • technology,
  • science
  • Movies
  • environmental & culture
  • Games and much more.
 Go to Gizmodo

I hope friends I like this information and I will also do any update if any new website I found. If you have any doubt and suggestions please do comment me below. I am waiting for your comment.  

Thank You, 

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