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Today I will share the top 10 Amazing Websites on the internet and these websites will make astonished and you will fall in love when you use these amazing website. And all these websites also will help you in many fields and make your work so easy. 
 So let's started with our first website which is:

1. Remove. bg 

Remove bg is an amazing website to remove image ground and this website is beneficial for those people who like to edit images on a regular basis. This website is very accurate in removing background images and this website is completely free.If you are a photographer so definitely use this website.  And it also saves you lots of time & effort. I personally use this website. 


2. Unscreen.com
 Friends if I tell you that you can remove any video background no I am not talking about the green screen but this can be possible due to AI. So just go to this website and upload your video and remember one thing your video should not much longer.


2. Pixel & Pixabay
top 10 amazing websites on the internet 

The Pixel and Pixabay are two different websites but work the same. If you are a YouTuber, blogger, and content creator then these websites will help you a lot. On this website, you can download thousand of images videos, vector graphics, and more with high quality. And this site provides all copyright-free content free of cost. which is amazing, I personally use this website. so go and check out.

Click here
Click here

3. w3schools.com
 Top 10 amazing website on internet


The next website is crucial for those students who are interested in learning computer programming languages, and website development, etc.  if you want to learn a programming language so must know this website. You can learn different languages like java, HTML exercise, phyton, SQL, PHP, javascript exercise, and so on.


4. Dictation.io 

Dictation.io is an amazing website for those people who are lazy and do not like to type lengthy pages, with the help of this website, you can easily write any text with the help of your voice whatever you want to write just speak and the text will be written automatically with full accuracy and these websites supported all languages. 


5. Resumemaker. online

Resumemaker. online this website is important for peoples who are applying for jobs. You know that if you are a job seeker so you need a CV for a job and some people struggle in making a CV.  So this website is very helpful. You can easily make your CV within some minutes by just adding some important details like name, photo, address, and education, etc, and easily download in pdf form.


6. File pizza 

Top 10 amazing website on internet
File pizza is basically provided a peer-to-peer file transfer facility means if you need to transfer files from one browser to another and no third person will allow seeing these files, so no one can heck your data. But I suggest do not share your important information through this website. You can use these websites for normal file transfer.


7. Archive.org   

Archive.org is an online digital library where gets millions of free books, software, videos, movies, music, images, and much more. This is a non-profit organization and tries to provides lots of things free of cost. you can easily download anything and enjoy it.


8. Wetransfer.com

Some of us face problems while sharing big files through email because you can not transfer files of more than 25MB through email but this website is very helpful in this case here you can transfer any file up to 2GB to anyone. which is amazing.


9. Duckduckgo

Duckduckgo is very useful for those people who searched more on the internet and do you know whatever you searched on the internet all your activities are tracked by google. This website's name is Duckduckgo and this search engine like google but the plus point is if you go to this website this site does not record any data whatever you searched on the internet. This gives freedom to search.


10. DuoLingo 

DuoLingo this website is the last website but very useful for those people who are interested to learn different foreign languages like Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and many more. so you can learn any language through the website easily and this site is completely free. Duolingo app is available on both android and ios platforms.


11. Flight radar

Flight radar is an amazing and very different website from the others website. what you can do is you can see all flights taking place all around the world with live moving images. You can see flight number, route, timing, etc. You can use the website for knowledge purposes. 
12. icons8upsclaer 

Do you any old image which is very vague and you want to make that images into HD image so this website is only for you because this site can convert any images into 2x, 4x, and 8x in term of quality.  I know guys you might be thinking about how this website can do this so the reason is this website using AI technology name called State Of The Art that has analyzed more than 5 million image's data. You can simply use this website by just going on this website through the below link.
14. venge.io 

If You also like playing Pubg and free fire games like me. so literally guys this is the best website on the internet and the best thing about this game is you can play in-game on any device whether it is low and high range gadget because this website use cloud gaming technique due to the game is not running in your device but it is running on the server which you can control.  This game runs very smoothly. Just remember one thing whenever you reached this site just stay for few seconds so that it can connect you to its server.


15. Toon 

Now friends I will show them another amazing App based on AI and app is related to cartoons and can full fill your dream to become a cartoon, So just need to go to the play store and download the name called Toon App.   when you entered this app so you just have to upload a photo that you want to change into a cartoon, Ater uploading images this app use machine learning to analyze your face and gives your images in 15 seconds. I have already used this app and I liked it very much.

Toon app

I hope my friends this information helps you. And comment on us which website you like the most. Thank you Read also:- Best movies sites free download.Read also:- which site is best for downloading movies in [2021]

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