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I hope you are doing well in your life, this article is going to be very important for those who want to learn coding languages. Today we will discuss the best website to learn coding languages. 

Nowadays many students showing their interest in computer languages and it has also a very bright future because every IT firm whether big or small they are demanding students who are good at coding skills, due to this many colleges have started teaching computer languages.

As programming continues to be a big deal. In modern society, many people are investing a lot of money to learn coding at the same time. 

With the help of coding, you can be a master that how to build websites, create apps, and adopt a career as a computer programmer and even if you learn to code for fun.

Many people want to learn to code for free through different websites and youtube channels. Yes, of the right resources.

In this article, we will be talking about the top 10 platforms to learn code for free, if you like this information please comment down me below. So let's get started.



W3school is the most trusted and reliable platform from where you can learn to code, watch tutorials, and explore programming resources to help. You learn to code. Once you choose a programming language. You can choose the learning option and get into the lectures.

The best way to use this platform is to attempt a quiz that increases your knowledge of coding and what you need to learn. You can also test yourself by attempting short exercises and examples.

You find it at every learning stage on w3schools. You can find a vast range of programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and much more.



Treecodecamp this program centers on creating a community and building relationships among programmers for their education and development of free coding Camps.

You can participate in challenges by accessing programming tools to assist you with a challenge and move to the next level.

Once you pass on this coding platform. You can learn a lot of skills like JS, CSS, databases node.js, JavaScript git and GitHub, and more. So just go and start learning your favorite coding language.


3. EDX 
Edx is another amazing platform to learn coding languages.

This platform has more than 5 million students & they are providing lots of courses like computer science, data science, business, design, etc. And it has a professionally categorized system that is not limited to coding for learners.

The best category to explore is computer science, which teaches you, how to code several languages, EDX has tutorials for coding skills, like Java HTML and CSS. C++ jQuery, sequel. Python.

It also has tutorials for mobile apps development as an open-source platform. Tutorials and content are free. However, you can invest in a certified course, where you will get a certificate upon completion.



Coursera is a very famous website in the category of online courses and it has also a website for beginners to learn to code for free. It has professional coding tutorial courses and lots of resources to serve beginners and leads up to more advanced courses.

And what makes Coursera exceptional in this field, is In Coursera most of the classes on its website are taught by real experts from the most respectable institutions, which including professors from the top universities of Colorado, London, Michigan Stanford, etc.

You can access all courses that are free on this platform. However, if you want a course to complete a certificate, so you have to pay for the courses.



Codecademy's website looks so attractive and its goal is to provide skills that need to succeed in this today's modern era.

So they create an interactive way to learn by making it engaging, flexible, and accessible for all people.

However, it has a massive body of materials and resources to help you learn coding on your own so far over 20 million People have developed their coding skills on this platform by exploring a variety of programming languages alongside free learning Codecademy, which has an Interactive Learning approach that helps you to practice what you learn to visit Codecademy to Learn Python CSS PHP, HTML JavaScript, jQuery and more.



If you are looking for a website that has all the latest programming courses and languages so Udemy is the place where you should go.

This website offers different online courses in both free and paid categories for learning coding languages, like data structures, algorithms, python, Java, JavaScript, etc.

So pay attention to ratings on every course to see how well or poorly they raped before taking them.


Udacity platform provides several courses on development, including iOS Android, and front-end development. You can find all the latest course materials on this website for free and sharpen your skills as a developer.

Each course has amazing video lectures exercises, assignments, quizzes, and coding projects. Udacity also offers some courses created by famous companies like Facebook and Google on its website for free on Udacity.

Here you can also learn and earn nano degrees that teach you programming skills, like data science, iOS development, Machine learning, and Android development, and much more.



Sololearn is a mobile-friendly platform where you can learn coding from the beginning to advanced levels.

You can download this app from the play store or use the website to access all the popular programming courses and languages. So we'll learn also has a forum for discussions or you can ask questions about your course. If you encounter a difficulty.

Also, you'll find a blog that publishes the latest and most relevant information about coding, some programming languages.

You can learn HTML, CSS JavaScript sequel, jQuery, and PHP. You can also learn C, C++ Plus, python Java, Ruby, and Swift.



HACKER.iO is a unique platform with lots of different programming courses and coding languages for your learning. The first step to exploring this website is to select your most preferred courses scan through the list of tutorials and choose the ones that you want.

The next step is to choose whether you want the paid or free lecture at beginner or advanced levels.

You can explore the amazing road map section on this platform and you can find out the recommended path for developing your skills in an organized manner, & This platform also has a Blog that answers user queries and publishes relevant tips, tricks, and information on several coding skills.



The Treehouse team approaches coding and program development in a project-based manner.

Unlike many other coding platforms. You find the platform has some of the most structured and qualitative courses prepared by expert instructors and experienced teachers.

Treehouse is great for people interested in learning coding from a beginner level with a straightforward.

You can learn data analysis, WordPress, iOS, development, front-end development, back-in development and Android development, and other programming languages on this platform that brings us to the end of this article.

If you like this article please do comment & tell me how was the information. Because it motivates me to do more.

So I am waiting for your amazing suggestions... 

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