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In today's article, we are going to know about what is cryptocurrency and which one is the best Platform To Buy Cryptocurrency In India legally. So we heard that cryptocurrency is now bombing all over the world because now many big companies have started showing their interest in crypto, and because of this is the prices of crypto going up like anything & crypto attractive word attention towards itself and now everyone's want to invest in crypto.


Some common questions:-

  • What is cryptocurrency?

  • The best cryptocurrency to invest in.

  • Why is Bitcoin so expensive?

  • Investment in Bitcoin is legal? 

Q1: What is Bitcoin?

In this fast-moving digital world, the currency has also taken digital form and this digital currency itself is called cryptocurrency. Like bitcoin whose name you have heard so many times but what is this cryptocurrency and how is it used? What are its benefits, you will get answers to such questions in this article?

So let's get started to know about cryptocurrency...

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which was introduced in 2009 and the first cryptocurrency was the most popular bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are not like real coins or notes. "Attention" We cannot take this currency in our hands like money, we cannot keep it in our pocket. But it is safe in a digital wallet so you guys can also call it online currency because it only exists online.

Payment with Bitcoin is done through a computer. By the way, friends, you know that the government has complete control over our Indian Rupees and similarly over currencies like Euro Dollar, but there is no such control over cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

There is no control of the government authority such as the central bank or any country and agency on this virtual currency. That is, bitcoin does not follow the traditional banking system but transfers from one computer wallet to another wallet. It is not that only Bitcoin is such a cryptocurrency, but more than 5000 different cryptocurrencies exist.

Q2: Which are the most popular cryptocurrencies?

Some popular cryptocurrencies are

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Stellar 
  • binance coin
  • dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Athiri
  • Amrutphal
  • Lite
  • Libra

Q3: Why Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is popular?

Yes, it is a different matter that at present the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin and you will get an idea of ​​how popular currency it is, from the fact that now many companies in the world have started accepting bitcoin payments and further the numbers of these companies are fast will grow, In such a situation, shop day training, food delivery, traveling everything can be done using bitcoin or in India slowly, but bitcoin is becoming a popular form of payment.

One of the reasons for this low speed of cryptocurrencies in India was to be illegal because cryptocurrencies were banned by RBI. But now in March 2020, the Supreme Court has allowed to use it legally. So now you can able to use cryptocurrency legally in India nowadays and hence the number of cryptocurrency users has started increasing in India too.

Another important reason why cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not becoming increasingly popular in India like other countries is our concept of investing in FD Mutual Funds & Sharemarket. It should not be done, which is not wrong, but investing in this new currency of new goods has its own advantages.

As in this, you can do easy and quick transactions with this, international transactions can be completed in a jiffy. You have to pay a negligible transaction fee. There is also no middleman in this and this transaction is more secure.

And bitcoin is not a new concept big companies like Facebook, Pay Pal, Amazon, and Walmart are associated with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, personalities like Elon Musk, who is the richest person in the world today, Jack Dorsey, Mike Tyson, and Kanye West also use cryptocurrency. Countries like the US, China, Japan, Spain, and Romania have the largest number of cryptocurrency users.


Q4: Investment in Bitcoin is legal? 

Yes, investing in Cryptocurrency is totally legal in India but the government does not regulate this, 2018 RBI issued a directive that bank will not give their service to Cryptocurrency exchanges due to this many Cryptocurrency exchange platforms appealed in the high court, and later on, the government had to take back their directive. 


Now after knowing this much, you may also be thinking of investing in Bitcoin. So let me tell you that the 🧐 BEST Platform To Buy Cryptocurrency In India?



Through the Coin Switch application, you can invest in Bitcoin with one click. Can do this left and cell. It will take you as much as you buy your favorite products from Amazon. This app has a million users all over the world, but can increase your percentage that bitcoin is expensive, how can I buy them like this? The good thing about friends is that even though one of them is currently priced at ₹ 32,00,000 or is increasing rapidly, you can start using all of them.

Here you should also know that the price of bitcoin varies rapidly and it fluctuates according to its demand. You will then get your link description to it, by clicking on which you can download this application from Google Play Store. Avoiding you online and others will get you the same package. So go to the description and download this app.

It is also very easy to sign up for which you have to enter your mobile number and use OTP to forward the processor. After this, you have to make a four-digit payment and in the next set, you will have to do KYC. After that, you can start investing.

Your full name, and date of birth. The OTP to be used has to be used. After this, in the next step, you will have to do PAN card verification.

After which, to verify the national identity, verification of any one of the Aadhar cards or old voter ID has to be completed and by clicking on it, this processor has to be completed.

In the next step, you can store and sell digital currency by mentioning your bank account details in your bag.

After this, you will have to deposit the amount in a coin switch wallet so that you will be able to buy and sell easily crypto currency. CoinSwitch is also available on Google Play Store and ios platforms.

After knowing this exact information you must be aware that you can make lots of money but on the other hand, you can face lots of risks also, so please before investing in any cryptocurrency you should do some search at your end.



1. History & Background

  • If we talk about Wazirx it started its operation in 2017 but got popular when RBI issued an active banknote to give service to cryptocurrency exchange it is exchanged to make the highest training volume in India and in 2019 Binance bought this company and we can also say backed up by Binance. And this is a world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform. And if we talk about their users, there are 3+ million users.

2. Fees & Charges

  • WazirX charges 4-6rs to deposit and 0.0006BTC and this platform charges maker and taker fees for the transaction, In wazirX maker fees are 0.20% and taker fees are 0.20% and no other charges.

3. Feature & Interface 

  • It has some difficult user interference where a normal user takes time to understand, This is because they have a lot of charts, graphs, and different trading options.

  • In wazirx also you will get lots of trading options like spot, peer-to-peer one, STP mode & this platform has very good liquidity.

4.Prons & cons

  • Due to high trading volume, some time server gets slow.


1. Background & History

So let's start today's topic then the first parameter is background popularity then background popularity is very important to judge because this tells us what is the future of that exchange then first if we talk about ZebPay started its operation. There were a lot of crypto investors around 2014-15, I think as soon as I took my first bitcoin, I also took it from the same but when RBI issued the directive.

I had taken it from the same but when RBI issued a directive to the bank to service files of notes to cryptocurrency exchange, then they had closed their Indian operations but after the judgment of the High Court, they will come back to India and now they are operating in India.

2. Fees & Charges

  • Zebpay charges 5-15rs for the deposit charge and 0.0006BTC, In Zebpay charges maker fees are 0% and taker fees is 0% and but 0.0001BTC is a monthly membership fees charges.

3. Feature & USP

  • Zebpay offers you the second-best price for BTC after Binance.

4.Pros & cons

  • It is a very user-friendly and easy-to-understand platform. So that new users can easily access this platform.

  • It has offered a good fast transaction facility.

  • If you are not trading they will cut some fees as a charge so this is one con of Zebpay.


1. Background & History

  • Now if we talk about Binance it was established & started its operation in 2017, And Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world their growth is also on a different level.

2. Fees & Charges

  • Binance charges Rs 0 for deposit charge and 0.0005BTC & In Binance charge maker fee is 0.10% and taker fee is 0.15% and no other charges.

3. Feature & Interface

  • Binance provides you with BTC at the lowest price out of these platforms.

  • If we talk about trading options so it has the maximum trading option like spot, pear to pear, and future options.

  • And it provides maximum coin trading options like Bitcoin, finance coin, Ethereum and so many others.

  • They are available on both mobile and web.

  • They provide high security and liquidity.

4.Pros & cons

  • It has a lot of trading options like spot exchange, futures, & pear to pear, etc.  And have lots of graphs and charts, so new users face some difficulties to understand.

  • Due to high volumes of transactions, its server becomes slow sometimes.

  • You cant trade in INR so this is one con of this platform and it takes some time to convert money.


My personal recommendation will be:- 

If we talk about overall ranking and parameter basis:

  • 1st Binance [if you are a pro-level trader so you can go for this]

  • 2nd WazirX [ if you want to trade in INR so you can go with this platform]

  • 3rd Coin Switch [ if you want simple and clean UI so go for this platform]

  • 4th Zebpay

So I hope friends I have cleared your all doubts related to cryptocurrency and if you like my article so please share this If you have any doubts or suggestions please do comment down below.

THANK YOU, Folks...

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